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For years the Consumers Union has been working with businesses, colleges and government agencies to ensure that consumers get the information they need in order to reconcile their accounts. With the help of a third party, the group argues, an individual can have access to accurate information at all times.

The law requires that at least once every year the consumer have access to a “non-proprietary” reconciliation report to allow them to look over their financial statements. Cell phone store pos Although the U.S. Treasury department is required to produce these reports on a regular basis, many consumers find the process too cumbersome to manage.

This is why a user-friendly software program called Debt Reconciliation Agreement was developed. Consumer advocates believe that this program will be able to aid both people with big debts and those that simply want to get out of debt.

The plan is not a substitute for the service of a licensed debt counselor. Rather, it can be used to help inform people of their options. All they have to do is get on the program and use it to come up with a plan of action that they can use to settle their accounts.

The program can be used to check up on accounts from the past as well as to check up on current accounts. There are many who wonder if a debt analyst could be employed by debt counseling services to help customers better understand the program.

A debt advisor does charge a fee and will have to work with a counselor to find a resolution to a specific problem. However, the majority of counselors recommend that a company utilize a reconciliation service for their customers to ease the burden on their time. So what are the pros and cons of using the service?

One of the great things about this program is that it gives users the ability to see all of their accounts in one place. The system has everything under one roof and does not keep records for each account separately. Users are able to track down and add all of their account numbers and learn more about their debt at the same time.

Another reason to use the service is that it has great customer service. If a customer has questions or is having problems with the program, they are able to speak with someone immediately. The administrators also respond immediately to any questions and help out with any troubleshooting problems that may arise.

One thing that can make using the program even more convenient is that it is much easier to add someone from outside the program than it is to use debt consultants. Many counselors will want to ask for permission before they can begin working with a client. In contrast, the system is all about letting the consumer connects with a debt counselor without demanding anything of them.

The program is so easy to use that people who use it don’t feel the need to hire a debt consultant. Instead, they are able to set up a specific debt management plan for themselves and they are free to pursue other options as well. Because it is completely web based, it makes the process simple and smooth.

The biggest complaint about the service seems to be that there is no way to verify if the company is accurate. Therefore, people should have faith in the service and be able to determine whether or not they have the right person to assist them.

The group of Consumer Advocates for Responsibility and Peace, or CARP, which works with debt consolidation services across the country, has created a website that contains a list of companies that provide this service. Consumers are encouraged to use this to help decide which company to go with.