As a man, what can make you look more masculine? Appearance? Hobby? Collection? or other?
Did you know, the masculine side that you want to show can actually be achieved by redesigning the bedroom.

Yes, bedroom design can reflect who and what you look like. The interior of the Wine storage cabinet is a reflection of the character and personality of the owner.

Well, when it comes to bedroom designs that are really “male”, usually, the design concept really emphasizes the accuracy and balance between taste and “masculine” accents in the room. In addition to function, the vibes of the men’s room are thick with raw industrial nuances. Men seem to like industrial-style design concepts and ideas.

However, it is not only industrial concepts that may be the most suitable for the interior of a men’s bedroom. Several other design concepts can also reflect the character of masculinity.

Industrial Style Masculine Bedroom Design

As mentioned earlier, men tend to be attracted to industrial-style masculine bedroom designs. This could be related to “boldness” in the application of this interior style.

Industrial is indeed known for its appearance that seems “half-finished” so it requires courage when you want to apply it.

Industrial-style interior designs are also often considered unique and are widely applied to cafe interiors or some commercial buildings. Its appearance is different from usual by showing firmness and materials that seem unfinished, attracting men to apply it to their bedroom interior.

Masculine Bedroom Designs with Vintage Shades

The vintage feel is suitable for those of you who like elements and decor elements that tend to be “antique”.

There are many pieces of furniture to choose from to complement your vintage room, from old sofas to wooden tables. You can also display vinyl collections to enhance the oldies feel of the interior of the room.

To make the nostalgic impression even stronger, you can display a variety of old photos of your family or childhood on the walls of the room.

Contemporary Style Masculine Bedroom

Contemporary style represents the present. A variety of hardware displayed in the room such as lamps and accessories, usually made of materials such as steel, chrome, and nickel.

Because of its peculiarity in the lines that tend to be slim and contrasting, large-sized furniture is not suitable in this interior. Those of you who want to show maturity from yourself and also the present, can choose a contemporary style design for the interior of your room.

Other Masculine Style Bedroom Design Inspiration

It doesn’t have to always be industrial, vintage, or contemporary, you can apply other interior design concepts to the bedroom. For those of you who want another masculine style bedroom design inspiration, the following pictures can be a reference.

Teenage Girls Bedroom Design Ideas

Adolescence is a period of transition from children to adults. Adolescence is a time when someone likes to try new things as part of expressing themselves. Teenagers also tend to be more up to date in following trends.

One of the interesting things about teenagers is that they think they can do whatever they want or go wherever they want. Teenagers will tend to take the opportunities that exist.

Even so in terms of interior design, especially their bedroom area. This area becomes one of the places where teenagers can express themselves fully. And not only that, for teenagers, the bedroom is a place where they can be ‘free’ from the rules.

The problem is that a teenage girl’s bedroom must not only be comfortable, but also have to be multifunctional. They need a place to sleep, study, be creative, hang out with friends, and other things.
Whether it’s a boy or a girl, the most important thing is that the design of their bedroom should reflect their personality. Room interiors that can reflect their character and personality can certainly have a positive impact on their development, both mentally, psychologically, and even physically.

Here are some ideas on how to plan a teenage girl’s bedroom design.

Play with Color

Generally, teenage girls like girly or pastel colors, such as pink, light purple, yellow, light blue, and other bright colors. However, on the other hand, if your child doesn’t really like the choice of colors that are too soft, bolder feminine colors can also be an alternative.

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Unique Bed

You can try a unique and unusual bed shape for a child’s bedroom.

With a touch of bohemian style and a relaxed feel, a bed type such as a canopied bed can be ideal for a teenage girl’s bedroom. You can also add light curtains to add visual interest.

Another alternative is a bed or a circular bed model. This type of bed is suitable for teenage girls who have unique personalities. Reflected in the shape of their bed.

Workspace and Vanity

As teenagers, of course they are still doing one of their obligations, namely school. Therefore, they really need space to study or do homework. However, even though its function is for learning activities, it does not mean that the study table has to look boring. It can be designed to be attractive and unique.

Although not all of them, teenage girls tend to like to dress up or at least preen. So, you also have to be able to provide a dressing table complete with glass and chairs to put their various needs.
Remember, try to stay minimalistic. This is important so that the atmosphere and atmosphere of the child’s bedroom space still looks casual and stylish.

Place to Relax

Apart from studying, teenagers are also generally very fond of hanging out with their friends. So, you should provide space to relax when their friends visit their house.

For teenage girls, you can use a brightly colored rug made of faux fur to add an accent. You can also add some cushions that are brightly colored or have fun patterns.


As a teenager who likes to try new things, it is not surprising that there are also quite a lot of things. This often makes the bedroom of teenagers, both boys and girls, messy. Therefore, you should provide a shelf or cupboard to put their things in order.

In addition to shelves and cabinets, you can also use storage under the bed, wall cabinets to save space, as well as a cot or bench that is also equipped with storage.
Experiment with Interior Style

If you are still confused about the design concept you want to use, you can look for inspiration from various well-known interior design styles such as Scandinavian, bohemian, or shabby chic.
Scandinavian style is perfect for teenage girls who are simple and minimalist. This style looks trendy and is highly recommended if your teen girl’s bedroom is not too big.

Meanwhile, for the choice of bohemian style, it is perfect for those who are a little eclectic. For teenage girls who like vintage and feminine things, the shabby chic style can be an attractive choice.

However, not all teenage girls like a ‘beautiful’ bedroom with pink wall paint and floral bed linen. In fact, many of them prefer their bedroom to look ‘unusual’ and unique, according to their personality. Edgy and grunge styles can be an option to reflect themselves.

Well, those are some teenage girl bedroom design ideas. What kind of design concept do you think would be suitable for your teenager?