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As the main summer event in Richmond, the Major Playground Event provides the ultimate in family fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. Kids of all ages enjoy this five-day, family-friendly event with plenty of different exciting activities.

Richmond’s Major Playground Event offers a series of different events for kids that range from the player and mascot experience at Playground Soccer to the Big Adventure for your pets. 슈어맨 You can even join the Kids Picnic on the Beautiful Beaches to enjoy the sun, sand and cool breeze while you relax and enjoy the warm weather. The event is always held at the Boulevard Grounds.

There are three major Playground Events, so you can find one that best suits your kids and family. The first event is Playground Soccer in Richmond, which is held on the day after Labor Day and lasts until October. Soccer games take place all around the Playground which also offers special equipment and lessons for young players.

This year’s line up of games is very exciting, especially for those children who love to play in the water. The Great Splash is an interactive water adventure for children of all ages. This year, for the first time, guests can be part of the adventure while playing. They can help to create a new underwater world for the fish at the beginning of the event, or at the end they can help clean the remains of the fish out of the pond and into the fountain.

Kids’ swim lessons are available for this event as well. Playground Aquatic teaches young swimmers the basic skills needed to be successful at a poolside swim. Kids learn the rules of swimming by observing parents who teach the lessons. You can also be a part of the lessons as young or old and the lessons are fun for the whole family.

Thereis also a Petting Zoo available for children to explore during the day. Each animal, from rabbits to cats to dogs, has a very specific personality. When you get to see these animals interact with each other, it is almost as if you have your own dog or cat back home. The pets that are roaming around will be the same ones you could see when you went to visit them in the zoo. It is the best way to see them up close and personal.

As part of the Petting Zoo at the Major Playground Event, the kids will get to dress up like a pet and take care of their very own pet at the event. You can bring your own pets as long as you have enough space to accommodate them. It is a fun way to spend the day that will make you feel like you’re the owner of your very own pets!

For families who love to enjoy the outdoors together, the Major Playground Event is the place to be. This is where Richmond’s greatest outdoors events come together for one fabulous summer afternoon.