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Live streaming installation is a nice extra feature in a wireless router. This might be a simple “do you want to stream video or audio to a computer?”

Although both are similar (although the latter is the more popular option), it is not remotely related to the remote desktop. video conferencing installation But this is for an unfortunate reason: It can sometimes confuse people who do not know how it works.

Remote desktop allows the user to access a remote server, where they can then do some computing. It might be some software-based or a physical PC on a desk. But that’s a perfect analogy for it because it is similar to how most computers work and usually is not used by people unless they want to use it.

There is a lot of difference between live streaming installation and remote desktop. So let’s look at each.

For one, there is not a very simple application for this kind of feature. Most routers are set up in such a way that it has an internet connection, a USB port, and a hardware camera or sound, but that does not describe a typical remote desktop.

To understand this, imagine a remote desktop as a desktop, only it is on a smaller scale. You could always see other PC users at a LAN and would be able to control them without necessarily being right next to them.

For another, live streaming installation is a dedicated application designed for this particular use case, while the remote desktop is an additional option that many computers have. While it can be handy in many situations, it is generally more useful when you have a remote PC with you in your house or elsewhere.

So live streaming installation is just a fancy name for remote desktop. A router offers an excellent option to let you be able to live stream to a machine that is over the internet.