Executive Condominium, also known as EC, is an excellent form of affordable housing in Singapore. First built in 1999 by the government, Executive Apartments is a combination of private and public housing. They are generally enclosed in a gated complex with ample security, such as swimming pools, club rooms, playgrounds, laundry facilities, etc. Residents receive free maintenance and services for their private and communal properties. They are not subject to the municipal planning regulations and have access to various government programs such as subsidies, grants, low-interest loans, tax benefits, etc.

Although they do not have an SIS, these communities also have their social security and health care systems. Most of these apartments are equipped with modern amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, gyms, and community dining halls.

Executive apartments in Singapore are often located close to shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and other commercial establishments.

The term “executive” here is used to describe a senior citizen who is neither employed nor self-employed and whose income is above a certain level. Parc central floor plans This income may be from salary, business earnings, dividends, pensions, rental income, and so on. The term “resident” is used here to describe an individual who lives in the unit. He/she may be a domestic helper, a non-domiciled immigrant, a student, and so on.

The residents have different government programs such as SIS, Medicare, and Medicaid; various kinds of free government utilities; education and medical benefits; and other social service programs that help them maintain a good living standard. Government subsidies, which are provided based on residence, work, or the family member’s income, are available to residents.

In addition to this, the executive apartment is also meant to cater to the growing number of senior citizens. Senior citizens who have a limited income and do not have their own homes can avail themselves of the EC facilities.

Many senior citizens living in this area get financial help through SIS. They can enjoy a host of benefits such as health cover, free medical care, dental care, and many others. A senior citizen can also claim to receive Social Security Disability benefits in an accident or disability. He/she can also avail of disability benefits and Medicare benefits.

Some elderly residents live alone, and thus they have to bear the costs related to maintaining their homes. They are given a monthly allowance, which they can use to pay for their expenses.

The executive Condominium gives senior citizens a chance to stay independent and secure. These communities offer an opportunity to live in the comfort of their own homes, enjoy the outdoors, work from home, and avail of all the government’s facilities. These facilities include many free recreational activities, schools, health care, education, health, and many other social services. The resident can stay in an executive apartment for as long as he/she likes.